Monday, January 28, 2013

All you need is.... .... time

You thought I was going to say Love, right?

Well, sometimes it is all you need, but man, I've been so busy with family, birthdays, trips etc, that finding a spare moment to just sit and do nothing is a luxury. It seems like everyone in our family decided to mate in the spring so that their birthday would be January, February, March and April. So a couple more months to go through with the Birthday parties, and we'll have a month or so break, and summer will be around the corner.

But, in all the busy time, I had a chance to see an awesome video. I know it's not Valentine's yet but I'd thought I'd share this video. I saw the interview with this guy on CNN and just to give you some background, he met his wife at the theater academy the kids at the end of the video were from. They wore the same uniforms the couple had when they met.

Ladies, get your tissues ready, and make sure you watch the full video or Tom Fletcher, The Wedding Singer. Enjoy!

So perhaps it's true, that All you do need is Love <3 br=""> 
Wasn't this the most romantic gesture you'd ever seen? Did you enjoy the performance?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Ladies, check your Thyroid

I've been struggling whether to write a post about this issue for a while. I don't like to write about negative/depressing things or about my own life too much. But, I do need to share this.

I hope with this post I can shed some light on a health issue that affects many women, and they don't even know it.

First, let me say that I'm not a doctor. If there is one thing I'd like the ladies reading this post to take with them, is to be aware of their body, what it tells them, or not tells them, as it was my case. Take a step forward and make a decision to check your thyroid. You can read Brook Burke's story about her Thyroid. She's recently undergone a Thyroidectomy.

Almost three years ago I asked my doctor to do an ultrasound of my thyroid for two reasons:

1. My mom had hers removed (half 20 years ago and the other half 5 years ago) due to nodules
2. I lived in Western Europe when the explosion in Chernobyl and there's a link between thyroid nodules and the nuclear fallout.

I did not expect to find a 2cm nodule on my thyroid. It never bothered me, didn't hurt me, my blood work was fine and I would have had no clue I had one.

Nodules are very common and there are many different types of nodules. So, the next step was research and further tests to see whether the nodule was benign. After an iodine uptake and two biopsies over the following year, everything came back negative.

My doctor said the nodule would grow, but how fast and when, was unpredictable. He also said it would one day most likely need to be removed, but that depended on my health and the growth of the nodule.

Three months ago I had another ultrasound done (I have them every 6 months to keep track). There are changes, new spots, and calcification of the nodule.
Does this mean it's cancerous? No
Does it mean that it's benign? No
Unfortunately that's as clear of an answer I can get for now. Just because biopsy comes back negative, doesn't mean the nodule won't change or mutate in the future.

That's from my research.  Now, with the new spots and calcification, there's a greater chance that it could be cancerous.

If it is, well, then my decision to have it removed will be easy.

If it's not, it will be more difficult. (And my doctor has said it's still my decision to remove it if results come back negative).
1. because there's still a risk it could mutate, so obvious choice would be to remove it but,
2. if I remove it, I will be on hormone pills for the rest of my life which could/would eventually affect my other organs when I'm older. Long term effect of pills on stomach or liver are never good.

So, one month from now, I have an appointment where these options will be discussed. I'm a little nervous. Of the past three years, I feel this is the appointment during which I will have to make some decisions (yes, I'll be given time to think about it).

I've been quiet on this blog, working away and losing myself in the writing. I'm finding each story becomes more emotional and engaging and I want to do it for a long time. I see myself as an old, gray grandmother sitting on her porch with a laptop, while my grandchildren play on the front lawn.
I always have a positive outlook on life, because I know there are others who have much less than I do.

Whatever choice I have to make, I pray God will give me the strength to reach that beautiful age I dream about.

I hope sharing this part of my personal life will allow someone else to have a choice like I do. Had I not done the ultrasound, I would have never known about it. When I tell people about it, they're surprised. I just nod, and re-iterated I would have not know if I hadn't had the ultrasound done.

So, keep healthy and strong, and talk to your doctor.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year and Insecure Writer's Support Group

Happy New Year! 

May 2013 be healthy and prosperous. May your dreams be realized and goals accomplished. I hope each day will bring you happiness and the darkest weather will glow with sunshine.

Each first Wednesday of every month, writers post their doubts, concerns and insecurities without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Others offer assistance and guidance in the comments. Insecure Writer's Support Group is the brain child of Captain Ninja Alex J. Cavanaugh.

A warm welcome to January's co-hosts  Tyrean Martinson and Jamie Gibbs.

For a full list of participants click here and hop on over to offer your own words of encouragement and/or assistance.

Over the past year I can honestly say I've grown both as a writer and a reader.  This Group has helped me deal with fears and concerns, and offered warm words. I realized I'm not the only one who deals with writer's insecurities. Today, I can push past writing issues thrown at me and keep my focus.

Nevertheless, a doubt always lingers. Is my work good enough? Will I be able to support my family with writing (that's my goal)? Can I really write as many books as I want this year? Will anyone like my work? There's just not enough time in a day!

If you had to answer these questions, you're not alone. I think doubting yourself is part of being human and wanting to improve your craft. I know now that these questions will remain with me forever and all I can do is keep writing, learning and perfecting the craft.

Have you had these questions? Welcome to 2013!