Monday, November 26, 2012

A Nice Surprise

This past Wednesday I got a nice surprise. As I was jogging with the hubby in the morning I received an email (yes, I do carry my Blackberry everywhere).

Two Halves has been picked as the Indie Book of the Day and I received an award. Apparently someone has nominated the novel for the award.

I don't know who, but if they're reading this - Thank you! I am so grateful and humbled whenever anyone reads my work, it's beyond explaining.

Anyways, here's the award:

Doesn't it look cool? I swear this feels like I just won an Olympic Medal. (yes, I know some people will roll their eyes, but really, I'm too happy have that bother me)

I don't like to brag often (like the day Two Halves reached #314 on Amazon's paid list), but I'm very proud of this, so I had to share. Knowing someone took the time to nominate the book is beyond me. It's not the 1000 or 5000 or 10000 or 50000 sales that count in moments like these. It's that 1 sale, which mattered to someone. I respect each one. It's the 1000 sales x 1, and so on,  because each one is like a gem:)

Again, thank you! I'm beyond words! (which is rare)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Cover Reveal :)

I am excited to reveal the last cover in the Two Halves Series. I think this one is my favorite yet, but I'll let you be the judge. Evil-Bent: A Two Halves Novella is the last work for the series (I think). As I finish off the series, I have mixed emotions. Sad ones, because I'm leaving characters who have been with me for almost four years, and happy ones, because I'll be able to move onto a couple of new projects (very excited about those).

Eric is an evil-bender punished by his superiors for defying them. He followed his instinct and removed a mark off a cursed witch without consulting them. With his days numbered, Eric struggles to follow his last task: an order to kill the last three demons, so that his abilities and memories can be stripped. The life as he knows it, including his love, will be taken away from him.

But an offer from the last standing warlock sways his loyalty. If Eric tries to kill him, all power will be transferred to the warlock instead. If he doesn’t, he will die. What choice do you have when any choice you make is not your own?
After all, a deal with a warlock is as true as the best lie.

Available December 1st, 2012.
Goodreads member? Add me to your TBR list.

What do you think?

Friday, November 16, 2012

I Miss You Blogfest

I Miss You Blogfest

Thank you to our wonderful hosts: Andrew Leon, Matthew MacNish, and Alex J. Cavanaugh for organizing another blogfest!

Today is a day to share with the world the bloggers we really miss… and the ones we would really miss!

I am merely a child in the blogging community (just over a year) and I know how difficult it is to keep up with the posts, comments and your life priorities. I have cut back on my own blogging in the past six months due to work and family obligations, but I have been lurking around :)  (I always lurk)

While I don't have bloggers that I miss (because they're all still blogging) I do have a looong list of bloggers I would really miss. Here are my top 4:

1. Dean Wesley Smith - I wish I could call him a buddy :)  I'm sure most writers reading this know who Dean is. I visit his blog on a regular basis to learn from the master himself. He's always shared his knowledge and experiences with the rest of the world (and there's a lot to be shared).  A successful author published both traditionally and self, Dean is someone I would truly miss if his blog were to be no more.

2. Alex J. Cavanaugh - I don't know what kind of luck allowed me to find Alex so quickly after I started blogging. But when I think about it, since he's pretty much a blogging King (and has clones), it doesn't surprise me that he's able to connect with so many people, so quickly. I would miss Alex's movie reviews, kind heart with his promotion for all authors and always being present in my comments.

3.Annalisa Crawford - I connected with Annalisa very quickly as well. I love her down to earth attitude and support.

4. Ciara Knight - One of the most eloquent bloggers I've met. Ciara is very supportive, hard working and a talented writer.

Let's show the love and follow the list from here for this bloghop :)

Come back on Monday for my Cover Reveal!

Happy Hopping!

Who do you miss or who would you miss? 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Insecure Writer's Support Group

Today is the first Wednesday of the month and so comes time for our monthly Insecure Writer's Support Group.

Thank you to our host Captain Ninja Alex J. Cavanaugh Every month writers post their doubts, concerns and insecurities without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Others offer assistance and guidance in the comments.

For a full list of participants click here and hop on over to offer your own words of encouragement and/or assistance.

Time: I've encountered this insecurity before. Over the next three weeks I've planned to publish everything I've wanted so that it's out in time for Christmas/January. The amount of formatting I will be doing over the next few weeks makes me wonder whether I won't run out of time. So far, everything is running smoothly. As long as I don't hit any obstacles I should be able to manage the following:

- format Two Equals for print
- format Evil-Bent: A Two Equals Novella for print and ebook
- format entire series as a book set for ebook
- edit & format 6 short stories under a different pen name for ebook
- format two bundles of short stories
- keep writing

So, you can how Time is of the essence ;) The family has been very supportive and I seem to be finishing all work as planned (at least in the past two weeks). Hopefully, I'll make it.

What are your insecurities today? Are you struggling to make it in time with your work for Christmas rush? Any suggestions on how to handle the pressure?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Family Weekend

Thankfully we didn't get flooded. Some harsh winds our way from Sandy, but nothing compared to what hit NY, NJ and others. Wow! What devastation - mother nature has a way of surprising me all the time.

For the first time in a while I had a very nice weekend.

Meaning, I was able to spend lots of time with the kiddies, hubby, parents and brother in law, and still got work done.

How? I don't really know, but everything worked out so well, I was surprised how much I got done. My wonderful editor also sent me the edits for the fourth book in the series "Evil-Bent: A Two Equals Novella", which means lots of computer time over then next few days. I've already started, and it's going better than I thought.

I'm planning to release the last book in the series beginning of December (or perhaps earlier if all goes well:)

Friday night we watched a movie "The Tall Man".  All I can say is AWESOME! I wasn't sure whether I could watch it in the first 15 minutes because it gave me the feeling of "The Lovely Bones" and I really don't like movies where children get hurt, but this one was way different than I expected.
Amazing ending, lots of emotional turns, and had me guessing for a while. Hubby still doesn't get how I can figure out an ending of such a complicated movie, but I think it goes with the territory of being a writer-it's RARE that I cannot figure out an ending early in the movie. In my opinion it was under rated.

Photo source

What did you do this weekend? Have you seen "The Tall Man"?