About Me

That's me.

I live in a small town of Cambridge, Ontario. My definition of small is approx 125,000. We moved here from our hometown a few years ago from a metropolis of almost 800,000 - hence the 'small'.  We still visit family once a week, but it's like driving into a "concrete city". Out here, the air is fresh, we can hear the birds chirp instead of the engines of the planes, and I can enjoy my cup of coffee on the back porch watching deer graze the fields.

In between school, soccer games, swimming and gymnastics lessons I write. It took me three years to publish my first novel Two Halves. It will take only one year to publish three (maybe 4) new titles. The reason I can do it so fast is because the past three years were full of learning and much of the work for my 2012 publications started in 2010/2011. Now I am proud to call myself an author.

I began writing because I wanted to, now I write because I need to. It's like a drug and I have to get my fix every day :)

My family tells me I'm funny, but I'm very shy. I'm embarrassed by compliments but love them. If you're interested in finding out where my inspiration came from, click here.

I think I'm a great dancer, a pretty good skier and would rock on survivor (and I wouldn't dare say those things if they weren't true). That's as exciting as I get.

If you'd like to connect with me online here are the links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/martaszemik
Facebook: Marta Szemik on facebook
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/martaszemik
Website: www.martaszemik.com (Coming Soon!)
Email: first name last name at gmail dot com  (Have a question? Don't shy away. I will try to answer all emails as fast as I can :))