Monday, August 20, 2012

New York, New York...

It's a little late writing this post so please excuse the typos.

Best way to describe my trip to New York: I'm smitten :) It was absolutely amazing. I could write pages about my experience, but I'll try to sum up the trip in a few paragraphs.

On Sunday we took the train from Long Island (where we stayed with friends)  to Penn Station. From there we walked to Times Square, then took a cab to the Harbor for our Circle Line Cruise (2 hours) which took us from Pier 83 on Hudson River toward Ellis Island (Statue of Liberty), up East River, probably a couple of miles past Brooklyn Bridge and back,

Manhattan looks beautiful from shore and I think seeing it from a Cruise truly defines its size and charm.

From Pier 83, we took another cab down to the 9/11 Memorial, walked to get our tickets to enter the memorial which gave us about an hour and a half of wait time. Quick bite to eat and a walk to Wall Street and back and it was time to go to the memorial.

The security was extremely tight. I mean, like airport tight, if not more. Our tickets must had been checked 4 times, you walk through the metal detector and your backpacks are x-rayed. Very, very tight security, which I think it's good. After all, it's the 9/11 memorial and I cannot imagine anything else happening there.

Anyways, after the memorial we took the subway back to Penn Station and train to Long Island. I loved riding the train and the subway in New York. It's not as complicated as I'd been warned as long as you study the system ahead of time.

On Monday was a whole new experience. Once we got out of Penn Station the rush of people through the streets was awesome. I soaked in as much of the atmosphere as I could. The energy, the rush, the business man standing outside of the building smoking nervously. What a variety!

Again we waled up 7th Avenue to Time Square (I love Time Square - sensory overload - I didn't know what to look at!) then 42nd to 5th Ave to see NY Library. Beautiful!  We had 20 minutes before it opened, took some pictures and were ready to go up 5th Avenue, but my son pleaded to see the inside (so proud, I couldn't refuse my little reader's request and I'm glad I didn't). Inside was stunning. Beyond my expectations! Probably the highlight of our trip!

The artwork, the detail, marble floor, stairs, columns. Painted and intricately crafted ceilings. My mouth dropped open. I had to lie down on the floor to take the pictures (I do that often). Once I get a chance to upload them, I'll post some on the blog.

After the library we went up 5th Avenue to the Rockefeller Center. (Kids of course had to go to the Lego store), then St. Patrick's Cathedral, Trump Tower, Fao Schwartz Toy Store (kids loved it again) and up to Central Park. At the South East corner, we went to the Plaza Hotel (as it's in one of my future books). Unfortunately we could only get in as far as the lobby but one day I hope to be able to afford the cheapest room ($650 I believe) and experience The Plaza. Words cannot describe the beauty!

From there, Central Park Zoo (the penguins are awesome!), a walk through Central Park and walk back down 5th Avenue to 34th Street, Empire State Building and Penn Station.

I'm really shortening the trip here, but let me tell you, New York is a city that boasts with life. I loved it! The traffic and congestion didn't intimidate me at all, but I've lived in a big metropolis for 20 years before moving to the smaller town we're in right now.

I want to go back, but this time to experience NY at night, go to a few shows and the museums. Hopefully I'd be able to get away from the kiddies with the hubby to do all the things we would have loved to do this time, but couldn't because of the munchkins.

Wow! There goes the few paragraphs!

Have you been to New York? Did you have a great vacation you'd like to share?


Ciara said...

I agree, the rush of people are exhilaration! Such great vibes.

Annalisa Crawford said...

Wow, you packed so much in. It sounds like you had an amzing time.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You did a lot! I'm still on vacation right now and enjoying it.

Arlee Bird said...

I love New York, but I've never been able to spend enough time there. Could one ever without living there? So much to see. I want to go back for a several day intensive visit. And I have an obsessive craving for New York pizza that never goes away. You just can't find the same pizza elsewhere.

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