Thursday, September 15, 2011


It's done! TWO HALVES is in good shape. Why only a good shape you ask? Because I know I will find something to change as soon as I start reading through it again. I already have a list! I think that's one of the bigger challenges writers face... ... letting go. And I will, as soon as I make the changes ;) I will let go. I will let someone else read it, rip it apart and reject it, because in my heart, I know, that one day it will be perfect and everyone will fall in love with Sarah and William and their unique friends and family. Since the changes seem pretty minor at this time, I can finally say that I will begin querying literary agents very soon. And none of this could of happened without my great editor! I will cherish this work forever.

THIS IS EXCITING: it probably compares pretty close to seeing my first born after 26 long hours of labour.  Now, imagine how many hours of labour TWO HALVES took (just kidding). Maybe better comparison is the first kiss, or even its mere expectation. I cannot wait to share this adventure with the world! Having said that, I have been asked by some people: "What's the book about?" Fair question, and again, I'm having a hard time letting go... ... so for now I will leave you with this: There is a prophecy, vampires and humans work together to save their race from extinction by demons. But there is a twist! I will blog about it soon, I promise, if I can let go...

By the way, I hope to have this photo on the cover.

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Mike said...

Let it go! I am sure your writing will be loved by many :)