Friday, September 23, 2011

Write or not to write...

Kids are in bed, laundry drying, dishes washed. I know I should be researching stuff for TWO HALVES as I'm torn between self-publishing and going the traditional route. Yet, my other book is calling! I don't have a title, but it rocks. So far my goal is to have it done by end of October, but things always come up, and it will probably be end of November when it's complete. (Like my computer dying on me last week to the point that I had to get a new one! But the other one was old already. It was its time.)
So, how can I not write, when I hear voices in my head having a dialogue? The characters are so awesome, it's unbelievable. When done, this one will also be young adult fiction novel, but set around 70 years in the future - don't think the future is brighter though, with technology, gadgets etc... Nope, none of that. But I can't spill the secrets just yet, because I myself don't know how it's going to end.

In the meantime, I will continue struggling between being pulled away from my responsibilities and actually fulfilling them.
Having said that, the synopsis for TWO HALVES is ready and kicking. Only the query left and then a last minute decision (that's a line taken from Eclipse). I will probably go with my gut and look for an agent, see where that gets me and keep my options open for self publishing.
For now, I'd like to share a translation with you from a friend of mine who agreed I can use. I'm posting it here, because it's very relevant to TWO HALVES.

"Love is like a rose, friendship a willow tree. When the storm's winds blow, blossoms fall but the willow tree will stand tall. R.Z."

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