Monday, October 15, 2012

Two Equals

Did anyone else hold their breath this Sunday when  Felix Baumgartner did his freefall? We were watching the even live as a whole family and it really felt like we were watching history happen. Wow! Just wow! I had my heart in my throat and cried when I saw his emotional mom watching her son.

As promised, following is the blurb for Two Equals. The novel is now available on Amazon and Kobo. All other retailers coming soon. Enjoy!

Aseret, the demon lord of the underworld, is rebuilding his army to take over the world. When half-breed vampires Sarah Mitchell and her husband William learn that the demon lord sees their three-year-old twins as a threat to his plans, they and their shapeshifter friends must train the supernatural kids to prepare them for an inevitable encounter against Aseret. 
But more is required of Sarah; she relinquishes her body to a witch—the one who stole it before...or is it the same witch? Now working as a ghost so she can roam the ghost realm in search of Aseret’s accomplice, she must find the evil witch before time runs out to reclaim her body, and Aseret kidnaps the children. But reconnecting to her body may be more difficult than Sarah expected. 
After all, there’s only space for one soul in a body.

This Wednesday I'm participating in a very cool Blog Hop hosted by Alex J.Cavanaugh and Ciara Knight titled: Did I Notice Your Book. I already have my victim author picked out. I was drawn to the books as soon as I saw it. I hope you can join me. It will be a fun day!

Did you see Felix freefall? What did you do this past weekend?


Ciara said...

Thanks for the blog fest shout out. Wow, looks like another amazing book from you. How do you turn them out so quick. You are my idol. :)

Annalisa Crawford said...

The blurb sounds great!

Yes, we were watching Felix Baumgartner as a family too. I agree - wow!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thanks for mentioning our blogfest!
I didn't watch it live, but that freefall was nuts.