Saturday, December 1, 2012

Evil-Bent: A Two Equals Novella

I am happy to announce that the fourth book in the Two Halves Series has finally been released.

Eric is an evil-bender punished by his superiors for defying them. He followed his instinct and removed a mark off a cursed witch without consulting them. With his days numbered, Eric struggles to follow his last task: an order to kill the last three demons, so that his abilities and memories can be stripped. The life as he knows it, including his love, will be taken away from him.

But an offer from the last standing warlock sways his loyalty. If Eric tries to kill him, all power will be transferred to the warlock instead. If he doesn’t, death will be Eric’s only option. What choice do you have when any choice you make is not your own?

After all, a deal with a warlock is as true as the best lie.

Evil-Bent is not available at: Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords

If you haven't done so, add to your Goodreads to-be-read list. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it:)


    The demon’s fireball flew through the arctic air toward me. It sizzled, cutting the frozen space with heat that would disintegrate my body. Bracing my legs against a sheet of ice, I shot a field of energy out of my arms in defense. It swallowed the sphere, blasting another sound wave through the white plains and lifting fresh snow for a fresh tumble roll.
    You have an order to kill, I repeated the keepers’ mantra in my mind. All of Aseret’s servants shall die.
   The ongoing task to hunt the strayed creatures had kept me away from my family and friends for over a month now. My only companion was my love Mira, whose shapeshifting abilities could hide her in any situation. She has been at my side for almost three decades.
   The job became easier each time I bent their evil spirits out of this realm as I had direct power to bind the underworld demons to the hereafter, a portal no being could escape. But the temporary gift from the keepers was also my doom. Once my job was done, the power would be taken away, along with my immortality and my memories. I had no choice in the matter. My water mark forced me to kill; the keepers’ powers transferred through my soul.
    The demon smirked. From the way his palms twitched, I knew he prepared to send a new blow my way. Spheres of cold fire manifested in my hands, and I threw them at the demon’s chest, one after another. They flew at light speed with blue tails of electricity. The demon fell back, then pushed upright as if an invisible force had helped him.
    How did he do that?
    I released a shot, followed by a firmer one. The whizz of the fireballs released an electric smell of lightning.
    Somehow, he stood up again. This one was strong.
    More energy flew through my veins, its voltage shaking my body as if I’d been dipped in water with a floating toaster. The current spread across my skin in waves. Pain disguised as ecstasy stretched the fleshed spikes on my neck, extending them like a bulldog’s collar. The burning reached its maximum. To me, the next best thing to an orgasm was bending.
    An aura of power enveloped me. Purple hue hugged my body. I gathered the energy and pushed it to my front, aiming it at him. The fiery orb consumed the demon as soon as I released it.
    He had no time to yelp. His body disintegrated on contact, and the soul was sucked into a void I’d opened with the snap of my fingers, another ability the keepers had bestowed upon me. The demon’s spirit was now bound to the hereafter.
    Ashed mist floated like feathers in the light breeze, spreading the demon’s signature stench of dirty socks and rotten eggs. This monster possessed more power than I’d seen in a while. I followed the drift of his remains spreading across the skies, then falling back to Earth. My gaze connected to each wafer as it touched the snow, dissipating within the white plush.


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Congratulations, Marta!!

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