Friday, October 28, 2011

Another top 3 Blogs of Mine


Hippocampus: An area buried deep in the forebrain that helps regulate emotion and memory. Functionally, the hippocampus is part of the olfactory cortex, that part of the cerebral cortex essential to the sense of smell. Or:
This word caught my eye in the Webste'rs dictionary where it's defined as: a sea horse of Greek myth having two forefeet and a body ending in the tail of a dolphin or fish. Then it goes into the medical definition. I thought it was neat.

Top three blogs for today:
(For writers sending out queries, pay attention to the first one.)

1. Confessions of a wandering heart:  Suzie Townsend, a literary agent is celebrating her move to Nancy Coffey Literary Agency with a contest on Nov 1st. She will respond to queries with complete honesty. Can you handle the truth? Click above for details.

2. Zoe Winters: If you like Paranormal Romance, you will love Zoe. She's an indie author and I love her voice in the novels.

3. Janet Reid:  Janet is a cool and knowledgeable literary agent! Love her posts. Honest, quirky, funny, informative. Cannot say enough!

That's it for this Friday. I'm hoping to have some exciting news next week regarding Two Halves, including a definite pub date.

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toni d. said...

good luck on your book! Let us know soon as you get the pub date. :)

p.s. I immediately imagined hippos in school uniform when I saw 'hippocampus' *sigh*