Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Marketing Plans...

Since I don't post daily, WORD OF THE DAY will now be changed to: WORD FOR THIS POST - just makes more sense...  ... and to make it more fun, I will try to use the word within the post.

goad (n): 1. a stick with a pointed or electrically charged end, for driving cattle, oxen, etc.; prod 2. anything that pricks, wounds, or urges on like such a stick; stimulus.

This is straight out of the Webster's Dictionary. It's funny, because I opened the dictionary, pointed to a word and there it was! Just the item my characters in TWO HALVES use, except I didn't call it a goad, I called it a stick with an orange glowing end. Learning every day.

Back to the post, I found a very interesting site yesterday which discusses the importance of a marketing plan to promote a book. Figures, for the life of me I cannot find the site right now, but got the message. Plan, plan and plan. Know what's next and how you will promote your book. Whether you have an agent, or go the indie route (that's self-publishing, or individual publishing), you need a marketing plan!

Found it!   http://allindiepublishing.com/   Amazing what few sips of coffee can do! This is a great site for anyone who plans to publish anything.

So, step one for me, get my cover done for TWO HALVES. I know I've sent out my queries, but if all fails and I get rejected by everyone (the author featured on another site got 175 rejections before deciding to self-publish AND was successful- extremely successful) I have to have a plan B and self-publishing is it!

Following the cover I need to get my novel reviewed and have some ideas for that as well. Create the buzz! (which hopefully is not a hum) Before the end of the week I'll post my blurb I'd like to put on the back cover of TWO HALVES.

I'll keep you posted, but my goal so far is to have the e-book version up and running by beginning of November. That should be enough time for those I queried to respond. Sorry, can't commit to a firm date because this month is looking pretty busy in my full-time job (which is a good thing too).

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm with a small publisher and started promoting my book months before it was released. My next one doesn't come until Febraury 28, but I'm getting ready to set up the blog tour and promotions this Friday. So start promoting really, really soon!