Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Insecure Wednesday...


Quanta (n): 1. quantity or amount: the least quantum of evidence. 2. a particular amount. 3. a share or portion. 4. a large quantity; bulk. 5. Physics (a) the smallest quantity of radiant energy, equal to Planck's constant times the frequency of the associated radiation.(b) the fundamental unit of a quantized physical magnitude, as angular momentum.

I'm posting this word only for one reason. In high school I wrote a physics paper on Max Planck's Quantum Theory and stumbled upon it the other day. I couldn't believe what I wrote and it's quality. Could I explain the theory today? No way! I'd have to read my own paper first.

Today is the first wednesday of the month so it's time for a post for Insecure Writer's Support Group. If you have not heard of it before, click on the link above and join in. But before I get to that, those of you that follow my blog will notice a couple of changes.

1. New Background: the image was used to create the cover for Two Halves. I'm usually not a big fan of dark backgrounds, but if well done, I find they work. So please be honest - does it bother your eyes when reading? Do you have suggestions for changes?

2. A new page on the top bar called Guest Posts. This year I will strive for my blog to be more informative, fun, supportive and helpful to other writers and authors. This includes promoting others on my own blog as it grows throughout the year (hopefully it grows). It's been steady so far and I'm very happy with that. My personal goal is to have 250 followers by the end of the year. I think that's reasonable.

3. New word counter for 2012 on the side bar. Instead of listing all my projects, it's cleaner to have one word count. A WIP (work in progress) page will be added soon to the top to keep you updated on the exciting projects I have lined up for 2012 and beyond. And boy, are there many!

Now, you'll notice that the counter is low. Well, that's because it's January 4th and I'm already behind! By the end of the day I should be at 2000 words. I know I can catch up on that within a couple of hours and I will today. 

But, that's where my insecurity comes in this month. Can I attain what I planned? It's not a big insecurity, but an important one. I've set such goals a few days ago so that I may support myself and my family with writing by the end of the year. I know my goals are achievable. I know I will do what I set out to do. I never fail to complete something I started. I think I'm beginning to understand what I'm doing, but honestly, business is changing constantly and I hope I can keep up with the change. 

Since I have huge control issues, that which is beyond my control frustrates me. I'm not afraid to work, especially doing something I love, but when I can't control things around me I must adapt to them. Adapting to changes is not a problem, but finding out how to adapt is. It's time consuming and time is precious, ask Justin Timberlake (that was for movie buffs - if you haven't seen "In Time" see it).

So my insecurity this month would be finding the strength to adapt to change. 

My solution which I bet is common among authors and writers. Following my instinct.
Inside, I'm very excited about this year, specifically the upcoming projects. For those authors who live, dream and breathe your stories, you know what I mean. Those tingles you get inside when you speak about your characters. The passages you write down in the middle of the night because they perfectly fit into the novel. The great review you get from someone who's read your work for the first time and loved it. My kids smiles when they want me to talk about my work. Those feelings keep me going, imagining, writing, exploring and sharing my work.

Do you have these feelings? Do you follow your instinct? Does it work?


Annalisa Crawford said...

As long as you remain excited about what you're writing, the words will flow and your plans will blossom!

I try to follow my instincts, but if can get side-tracked by the opinions of others. I'm not good at saying 'thanks for that, but I disagree'. That ought to be my goal.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Some things you can't control, but you can control your attitude. And you can adjust to the changes.
I bet you hit two hundred and fifty followers long before the end of the year!

Joanne said...

I do follow my instincts with my writing. I think it's important to do, that's how our heart shows in our words ... Happy Writing to you!

Hart Johnson said...

I like the book cover a lot--I prefer something with a LOT of text (like a blog) to be dark on light, but for something with not a ton of text, I like the look of a dark background better. And I totally have wordcounter envy. I need to get me one of those...

I find my wordcount goals work best if I do them at a weekly or monthly level so i don't panic when a DAY is bad. Might just be me... Good luck with your goals and conquering your insecurities!

Nancy Thompson said...

Ah, change. Scary as hell, but it makes you stronger. Think of it as yoga for your life.

I'm a new follower via Alex's IWSG because we must stand together in the face of insecurity.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Change is the only constant in mankind. It will come whether we wish or not. Guess it is wisest to bend and sail with the flow of events, trying to reach our goals with the momentum of events.

My insecure post is WE GUESS WITH OUR FEARS, on how to deal with form rejections and how to write a winning query letter. Have a great day, Roland

Marta Szemik said...

Thank you everyone for the nice comments. I should add this to my goals for 2012: "go with the flow" :)

Tasha Seegmiller said...

I have to trust my instincts - they are what keeps me sane! New follower :)

Colleen Chen said...

Yes, I love those tingles and the inspirations and all that! I have yet to be able to share my stories with my kids, but I hope to when they're a bit older.

I like the background; it's actually quite peaceful.

Lauren Alissa Hunter said...

You have to embrace those initial good tingly feelings as much as possible, because they eventually become buried in the drudge of revisions and the stress of submissions.

It's like falling in love... those are the little heart flutterings that make you remember why you put so much work into it.

Kit Courteney said...

Instinct is SO important, I think, especially when writing.

We, alone, know/feel what's mulling around our heads and if we get an instinctive tingling - whatever it may be, then I think there is a reason for it.

I really like your background by the way :)

Marta Szemik said...

Colleen - thank you!

Lauren - absolutely true, like falling in love :)

Kit - I'm glad you like the background.

Nancy said...

I like the background and admire your goals. I have been wanting to see In Time but hadn't heard anything about it. Glad for the recommendation.

ali cross said...

I love those feelings! And just reading yours made me smile ... That's why we keep doing what we do, right?