Friday, January 6, 2012

New Blogs Featured...


Autodidact (n): a person who has learned a subject without the benefit of a teacher or formal education; a self-taught person.

If you watch Live with Kelly, you'll know exactly why I used this word today :)  It's my new favorite word, right after "apprehensive".

I've been following two different blogs over time of two different authors who from my observation seem to have a completely different approaches to marketing their work. I found this fascinating, because as any author I try to market my novel as well (seems like all the time). 

What's even cooler is that I use both their approaches and I'm curious to see the end result for each one at the end of the year. Of course there are other variables such as they write in different genres, but it will be interesting to follow and compare their results. One common denominator: they're both self-published.

I'm always a big fan of bloggers who share information and these two don't fail. They're both honest and open about their experiences whether positive or negative.

Here they are:

1. Lindsay Buroker: At Savvy Self-Publishing has a few educational podcasts and quite a few educational posts. She introduced me to a cool new site I'm exploring:

2. Neil Ostroff: At Always Writing, I've been able to "bump" into Neil in a few places on the internet (although he may not know it). This tells me he's doing his share of marketing as well.

For Some exciting news:
On Monday: cover reveal for "Marked: A Two Halves Novella" so tune in.

Have you had the experience of bumping into the same people in the blogosphere? Seeing them where you'd least expect it? 

This reminds me of a story when I reunited with friends after not having seen them for 10 years in the exact spot I met them (and it was in a different country). Perhaps I'll share that story next week! 

Have a great weekend everyone!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Anymore, I'm surprised when I meet someone new! Looking forward to your cover on Monday.

BragonDorn said...

Can't wait to here the story next week :)

A Beer for the Shower said...

As for me, I'm proud to be an shoe-tying autodidact. Not that my parents didn't try to teach me, but I was impatient to learn as a kid. Proper etiquette never stuck. Which of course means that I spend my adult life with laces that are permanently knotted.

Lynda R Young said...

Yep, I'm continually bumping into fellow bloggers. Everyone seems to be so supportive and friendly.

Hope Roberson said...

Thanks for signing up to do the Valentine's day blog hop! I'm looking forward to reading your scene :)

Trev said...

I've bumped into Neil several places myself :) Thanks for posting.

Trev @